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Support-A-Child (SAC) is program that makes it possibloe for an individual to sponsor the cost of education or total living expense for one Visually Challenged (BLIND) CHILD. The aim is to support this child financially till he completes schooling/college or vocational education and is able to support himself. You can become a sponsor for a BLIND CHILD at Asha Deepa for as little as $25 a MONTH

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Father Name  : Nilkant
Mother name : Nirmala
Class/Grade   : Class-7
Address           :Hesrgundagi, Tq: Chincholli, Dist: Gulbarga, Karnataka State

Preethi is Studying in Asha Deepa in 7th Std. She learnt braille techniques for the first one year. Now she knows about reading and writing in Kannada, English and Hindi. Along with education she also learns computer and vocational skills at Asha Deepa. She is good at mathematics. Her dream is to become teacher and wants to teach for the visually challenged.  

Sonia Gandhi

Father Name   : Krishnappa
Mother name  : Vidayvathi
Class/Grade     : Class-1
Address             : Chandapur, Tq: Chincholli, Dist: Gulbarga, Karnataka State

Looks like her parents are so pet of Sonia Gandhi. If you ask this little girl, that what is her dream. Her quick answer is’ I want to become prime minster of india’ Sony.G is in 1st class. She was brought to school in the last year.  She is sharp. She learnt braille within six months which is very difficult to. Sony’s parents are happy to see their child saying numbers & alphabets in the school.


Mahesh (Orphan)

In the year 2007, we found Mahesh at Gulbarga Bus Stand. We were unable to trace his address/family so far. Mahesh never know that he had a home. Because someone (might be his parents/relatives) left him in the bus stand.
Mahesh is studying in 4th grade. He is one of the slowest learners at Asha Deepa. Soon after we found him, we realized that he cannot speak properly. He was admitted in grade-1 after a year of rehabilitation.  He was subjected to medical treatment but found his eyes cannot be restored anymore. Thanks to our teaching staff. They have taken special care to teach him braille for almost a year and ensure that he will cope up with other kids in his class.

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