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According to the recent Real Estate Sentiment Index survey done by the National University of Singapore’s REDAS (Real Estate Developers Association of Singapore), it has been shown that a minor improvement in regard to how they feel about the market for 2015’s 2nd Quarter for Criterion EC CDL, even though it has remained weak so far.

Tracking changes over the past 6 months, the Current Sentiment Index has slowly moved up to 3.9%, a figure that is up a notch from the 1st Quarter’s 3.8%. Scores that fall below 5 tend to suggest market conditions that are getting worse, whereas a score above 5 is an indication of conditions that are improving.

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Concurrently, the Future Sentiment Index, which calculates the attitude over the coming 6 months of the market outlook, has crept up from the prior quarter’s 3.7% to 4%. This is an indication that those who were questioned had a more optimistic view of what the net 6 months has in store.

Another census, called the Composite Sentiment Index, which is an indicator of Singapore’ attitude to the real estate market overall, was up for this 2nd Quarter at 3.9% from the 1st Quarter’s 3.8% that occurred after having 6 quarters in declining figures for Criterion EC Yishun Street 51 EC.

One respondent to the survey stated that, as of late, attitudes seem to be lifting a bit as a result of the hopes for an imminent General Election, along with some expected changes in policy to come after the General Election.

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The survey highlighted the fact that all 2nd Quarter real estate sectors have a net balance that is negative for both the current and future outlook. It was the suburban residential, prime residential, and prime retail sectors that showed the worst performance of all of the real estate sectors for The Criterion EC.

Sing Tien Foo, who is an associate professor of the National University of Singapore’s Department of Real Estate, stated that all of the real estate sectors having these negative net balances points out a market outlook that is pessimistic and, in order to boost its rate of growth, may need a few positive drivers.

Close to 74% of developers are expecting to see an increase that was either moderate, or keeping steady for the coming 6 months, for launches in the new residential sector. 19% of developers have implied that they would be launching fairly fewer units. But this was a slight upturn from the last survey done in the 1st Quarter of 17.1%.

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In regard to price changes, close to 52% of developers have predicted a conservative decline in prices for residential properties over the next 6 months. About 38% are expecting prices to remain stable, a percentage that is up strongly from the 1st Quarters 16.5%.

There have been some risks that have been flagged as something that could weigh on the outlook of the market during the coming 6 months, such as a rise in inflation/interest rates, a global economy slow down, and an over supply of new property launches.

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